Saturday, October 17, 2009

Art inside the Park - install

After days and days of kalene varnishing all of the pieces and building braces for all the pieces to stand up in the park we were finally ready to load up the truck and bring the pieces over to the park for the install. the day was gray and overcast but luckily no rain. Once we got to the park we realized we had a bit of an obstacle in that the entire park was on a hill. Since our final pieces were made to go in the very flat jeff city dog park we weren't sure how they would work on the hill. but after a bit of organization and moving things around we ended up being very happy with the install. take a look at our final process picts and see for yourself. big thanks to the guys from the jefferson city parks department for helping us with everything and a huge thanks to Carla Steck and Michael DeFeo for having us out for the event!

more photos here

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Art inside the Park - day 1

We arrived in Kansas City airport and after a quick snack and to pick up our rental car and then drove 3 hours straight to Jeff City. After a bit of a nap and a dip in the hotel pool Dan went to the studio and worked untill late. lots of progress but not much time left.

check out some picts below or the full set on flickr here