Saturday, October 20, 2007

October 13th wrapup

Well, for those of you that were in Beacon last weekend for Second Saturday this is old news, but for those of you that missed it or couldn't make it here's the official wrapup.

The day actually started with last minute NEXT STEP promotion the night before. Many shop owners on either end of main street thought they had been the victims of a city wide graffiti assault. A few calls were made and everyone was at ease knowing the Crayola sidewalk chalk stencils were not permanent and would be gone with the next rain ( or 2....)

As the day progressed and we took care of all of the last minute details for both the Artist talk and for Next Step we started to hear rumors that the legendary Pete Seger was going to be playing guitar and leading a sing along across the street from us. And sure enough, at about 4pm there he was.

we listened to a few songs as people started to arrive for Michael's talk and realized how cool it was to have a Folk Icon who has been making amazing music since the 50's singing across the street. if you don't know pete's music definitely look him up.

Around 5:30 we got the talk underway. The talk went great, it was informal but informative. It was basically 2 guys talking too each other about the show, street art and life for 30 minutes. You can check out the full audio of the talk at the link below and hear how it went down.


After the talk we hosted the gallery reception and people hung out and Bobby warmed up the new turntable until it was time for NEXT STEP.

We just want to start by saying thanks to everyone that came out to support this inagural event, it was truly an awesome night. But on to the details:

El Jef(f)e got the night started off right with some choice cuts while Jim and Dan got their live painting under way and people started to show up. Before we knew it the place was pretty packed, people were bobbing their heads, talking about all the openings, getting drinks from the bar, and watching the painters do their thing.

As the Piggy Bank reached relative capacity El Jef(f)e finished off his solid set and handed the musical responsibilities over to Bobby Collins. After a brief introduction Bobby dove headfirst into a dynamite party rocking set that got basically every able body in the place out of their seat and on to the dancefloor. It was absolute CHAOS for the next few hours while people danced drank and occasionally stepped outside for for a breath of fresh air. Smiles filled the room and people raged.

Much to our suprise Pete Seger wasn't the only music legend in Beacon that day. Our good friend Nicole brought legendary Producer and Beatmaker Paul Nice ( look him up ) to the party. He was super stoked on the event and rocked out to Bobby's set like everyone else. But unlike everyone else Paul can rock the decks with the best of them and just so happened to bring his music with him. So Bobby humbly handed the decks over to Paul for the next hour and the dancing continued...

After a brief visit from the Beacon Police Department for a noise complaint, the party paused for a second and the people started to reach their limit and their dancing legs began to fade too the chairs and many people began to leave. That opened up the dance floor for the die hard partiers and the music continued on for another hour or so. The party finally wound down around 3am and everyone that was left was still buzzing with excitement about the night.

for those of you that missed it, don't worry there is another party already in the works and we will keep you posted as to when and where it will be.....

extra special thanks to Jeff and Nicole at Beacon Art Supply for making this event happen from the very begining.

until then enjoy this new piece that mysteriously went up just outside our studio, I think it from the LA duo known as Penguii ...

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Official Second Saturday After Party!

If you are planning on coming to Beacon to check out some art this Saturday, the 13th Plan on staying late. because we have got a party for you! Saturday we are hosting the first NEXT STEP event with our friends from Beacon Art Supply at the Piggy Bank Restaurant right up the street from the gallery. On the decks we got the always amazing Bobby Collins coming in from Denver and Beacon's own secret weapon ElJef(f)e to make you dance. And making painting live on site, we have Jim Darling from Los Angeles and Open Space's very own Dan Weise.

here are the details:
Saturday October 13th
Piggy Bank Restaurant 448 Main Street
9pm - 1am
$5 at the door
21 and over
$3 Coronas all night

not to be missed....

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Michael De Feo Talk

Come by the gallery this Saturday the 13th of October for talk by Michael De Feo. Michael will be discussing his art, his travels and the evolution of street art.

the talk is at 5pm.
Refreshments will be served.