Friday, August 13, 2010

Come See the Show that has everyone talking!

Super Sunflower" by Ron English

Come see the show that has everyone talking!

On July 31st The streets of Beacon were alive with art, music and energy.
Electric Windows was truly an amazing event and everyone that experienced the day will likely never forget it.

Now it is two weeks later and people are still talking about the magic of that day, and now after the installation was finalized even those who were unable to attend the event are able to enjoy the visual gift that the event produced. 24 new pieces in the windows of 1 east main, 23 amazingly diverse and thought provoking pieces on 2 east main, and a breathtaking building wide mural on the Viera building at 520 - 526 Main street.

All of the amazing artists who participated in the Electric Windows project have each contributed a piece to our newest exhibition "Electric Walls"

Please join us this 2nd Saturday for the 2nd Official Opening of this absolutely amazing gallery show.


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