Monday, April 20, 2009

A great weekend!

A big thank you to everyone who came out, over and up for our OVER/UNDER opening and NEXT STEP fundraiser this weekend. The weather was fantastic and the day progressed from there. After some last minute touches and Jim and Tina's AWESOME window installation (a recycled wood plane crashing into an ocean of wood scraps spewing smoke clouds made out of paper airplanes being attacked by an octopus) and then one by one our friends started to arrive, they came from all over to check out the show and rock out at NEXT STEP. For those that made it out to NEXT STEP people were treated to an amazing roster of musicans and DJ's. El Jeffe started off the night and Jeff Bujak followed with a incredible keyboard and light performance that unfortunately was cut short due to some technical problems. DJ Bobby Collins quickly stepped in and unleashed an assualt of audio and video that left people deciding if they should watch or dance. Everyone finally decide to just dance and the crowd went wild for most of the night. DJ Wisdom finished off the amazing night and evreryone went home with smiles on their faces! This weekend was also the first official BEEP (Beacon East End Presents) weekend and the crowds at Zarah's Studio, Zuzu's coffee shop, Joes Irish Pub, and the Piggy Bank had a great time listening to live music all night.

Check out some picts from the day.

Tina and Mandy making paper airplanes.

Jim Finishing off his plane

The gallery

Kalene with Rick Price and Christine
Jim and Pollux

Jim, Greg,Tina and Lai

Bottle of Smoke at Zahara studio

Jef Bujak

The Crowd!
Rissa and TC going at the painting board


Monday, April 13, 2009

OVER & UNDER Preview opening

Despite rain earlier in the day the skies cleared and we had great weather for the preview opening of one of our most anticipated ever, The OVER&UNDER Show featuring our the amazing Jim & Tina Darling . Even though the full opening isn't until next week, there was a steady stream of visitors, collectors and friends throughout the evening enjoying the work and the Miller Lite and Chardonnay ( thanks Bev!).

In case you can't make the full opening next week, or just want a sneak peak, here is a look at all the amazing work from this current show!

OVER & UNDER - Preview

If you are in the NY are next week do your best to make it up for the full opening, the Darlings are working on an installation for the window a few more pieces and we will be holding it down till late in the morning at the Piggy bank with Bobby Collins and the rest of the Next Step & Beep Crew!

See you then!