Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Visit with Patrick Winfield

The gallery is taking a break for the month of February, to get ready for our exciting spring/summer schedule ( and maybe get in a day or 2 of snowboarding... ) But when we come back in March we are excited to open with a Solo Show from Yonkers based photographer Patrick Winfield. Patrick droped off his "book" at the gallery in the first few weeks of us being open and we have been excited about his work and looking forward to showing him ever since. Since our first meeting Patrick has been getting a fair bit of attention around the internet, wooster collective, boing boing, and jewcy have all started to take notice, and as a result Patrick has shifted into high gear making loads of new work for the show.

Kalene, Easton and I took a trip down to Yonkers the other day to see Patrick's studio and see the new work in process. All I can say is this show is gong to be amazing!, Patrick is making so much new work, I'm not sure we are going to have room for it all.

Definitely a show NOT to miss.

"Limited Run" Opening - Round 2

We weren't too sure what to expect from this 2nd opening for the Limited Run show, especially since we didn't promote it very well. But just in case people came we ask our new Myspace friend ( and new OPENSPACE resident DJ? ) BreakBeats to play some records for the people. Well, our friend didn't just play any old tracks, he brought out some of the hottest old school hip hop, soul and funk joints i have ever heard. The crowds ate it up, not only did they stick around to enjoy the art and the free booze, but many people stuck around just to hear what record he was going to drop next... You can check out Break Beats next on Feburary 9th when he opens at Next Step.

In addition to great music the unseasonably warm weather made last Saturday the busiest opening the gallery has ever seen. From 6:15 pm there was a steady stream of people (over 150 by the end of the night) until we shut our doors at 10pm. Kalene and I called it a sorta early night and hit up the 84 Diner for a late night snack before heading home.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

good things...

Yeah that's right after months of development our store is finally up and running! ok, it only took us a few weeks but until we get an intern (anyone interested?) or something, things like this are going to take a while....

but here it is in all it's glory.


take a look around and if you see something you like buy it.
We can ship anywhere!

In addition to getting our store up and running we had the super talented and generous Beacon based photographer Tom Moore come by the other night to shoot some photos of the gallery for an upcoming article (more details on that later...)

Tom was great, a true professional, he came in, took care of the lights and got the shot. The photo above was one of our favorites!

check out his photos

good times...