Friday, November 28, 2008

2nd annual Print and Zine Show - Brooklyn Run

This past Wednesday I took another trip down to Brooklyn to pick up work for our 2nd annual print and zine show. The day started off around 9am and i covered a lot of ground. However, unlike last year when I spent time in 3 out of the 5 boroughs. This trip I focused exclusively on Brooklyn.

I started off in Park Slope picking up some amazing prints from Wayne Pate at Good Shape Design.

After a tour of his beautiful home/office Wayne and I talked for a while about life, children and all things art and design. Wayne has some great insight on process and life... Maybe there will be a good shape interview in the future... Unfortunately the conversation went a little long and I ended up with a parking ticket, oh well, my fault.
NYC is like that...

After leaving Wayne, I headed over to Caroline Hwang's spot in Fort Greene. She was in a hurry so we didn't get to chat, but she did give me some amazing Prints and Zines for the show!

Next, staying in Fort Greene, I stopped by the amazing illustrator Fernanda Cohen's house/studio. I have known Fernanda for 3 or 4 years and have worked with her on numerous projects through SHERBERT, MTV and the gallery and in all that time we have never actually met. So it was nice to finally catch up and connect the dots.

After saying goodbye to Fernanda I made a quick stop at the Pratt Store for some supplies and since I was close I had to swing by Castros on Myrtle for a delicious Chiles Rellenos sandwich, so good! If you are ever over there I highly recommend one.

Next I headed over to Green Point to meet up with superstar designer Dave Heasty over at Triboro Design. He was in the middle of some top secret projects so I didn't get to see the studio, but I did manage to get a shot of the door to where the magic happens.

Next I was supposed to head into the depths of Bushwick to meet up with August Heffner but due to some scheduling conflicts we were unable to meet up. August will still have work in the show I just don't have anything else to report about our meet up.

I had a few more stops in Bushwick though and I met up with Imminent Disaster over at her new studio. In addition to the great prints she gave us for the show that she was finishing off when i got there, I got a sneak peak of the massive installation piece she is working on for the January "From the Streets of Brooklyn" Show that AD HOC is putting together at Think Space in LA. It is going to be an awesome installation!

After leaving her studio I went over to Factory Fresh to meet up with Ad of Skewville and pick up some work. Ad and Ali are always fun to talk with and always has great stories about art and life.

Over all the 2nd annual print and zine show Brooklyn Run was a huge success. I inched my way through the Thanksgiving traffic and headed back upstate...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Great Opening!

Our Saturday Night Opening of "Freakopolis" featuring new work by Andy Rementer was a huge success! For those that came out to the opening you got to see this amazing show in person and were treated to the amazing all record set of mostly early 30's jazz by Knox Robinson. For those who missed the opening you should definitely try and make it to the gallery to see the show in person, but if you can't below are some picts from the Saturday night and a view of the installation. We will be posting all the work online for sale very soon.

Andy Rementer Invterview

Andy talks about his dreams and his work:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Freakopolis! TONIGHT!

It's going to be a good one...

some "making of" picts here

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And the future is now brighter...