Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday part 2.

Another long day!!! wow we set up all the painting frames in Jeff's garage and Elbow Toe, Jim and Tina Darling, Kiji, Daryll, Ripo, Overspray's artist " I Love my Boo" painted there all day while Riiisa and Rick Price painted in the Beacon Studio building. We only had 8 artists total working on pieces today but the painting went amazing today, everyone had a great time and got a good start on their pieces for tomorrow. In addition to working on the paintings, Kevin from ACI braved the rain and got up on the cherry picker and installed 3 of the pre-printed banners and they look amazing.Greg from Cool hunting came out and shot video all day, thanks Greg!

The weather for tomorrow looks good, everyone pray for big orange circles!!!


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