Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday (4 days to go)

Tuesday, as I expect the rest of the days of the week to go, started early and went late. The day began by coordinating a pick up of all the lumber and supplies for the painting frames we are building for this weekend. Jeff and our good friend Brian went over to Brewester to Pick up the 60 12 foot 2x4's necessary to build our 8 painting frames for the weekend. After they left I went to the train station to pick up Ripo and his brother who were coming to drop off the rest of Ripo's pieces for the gallery show. Ripo and His brother went exploring around Beacon and I went to pick up the Next Step Flyers then I had to head into the city to pick up Bobby and John at JFK and then over to Bushwick to get our Sabatoz spray paint from Logan at his studio. Aside from the traffic getting to JFK and going the wrong way on Conduit Ave for a few miles the trip was good and we managed to fit 4 big boxes of paint and luggage for 2 people into the car.

We stopped for a qiuck slice of broklyn pizza at Sal's and a cocktail at the Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg and then onto the BQE listening to Funflex's 90's at 9pm all the way home....


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