Monday, May 12, 2008

Electric Walls Opening and more....

This Week is already going too fast....
Today I thought it was Monday and it's actually Tuesday and this blog was supposed to go up on Saturday.... But I digress, literally, to Friday night.
We stayed at the gallery late hanging the first round of the Electric walls Show, I say first round because we have to re-hang it because a few pieces got stuck at the post office and a few pieces are coming this week. Saturday, we took care of some last minute prep for the show and even found time to discuss the traffic patterns for the street closure with Steve Gold, the mayor of Beacon who has been extremely supportive of the Electric windows project. But after our meeting we put out the wine and slipped into our fancy shoes and for a few hours we chatted with friends and gallery visitors about the woork and the upcoming weekend...Everyone that came by was super excited about Electric Windows. So apparently the buzz is out there and people are planning on checking it out/ We even heard a few rumors that it wasn't happening and people were emailing us expressing their concern and askig for our assurance that it will indeed go on as planned. And i can safely say today that yes, Electric windows is still on for the weekend of May 17th and it's going to be awesome!

Kalene Easton And I spent all day Sunday celebrating Mothers Day at Inisfree gardens in Millbrook. Although it is no longer free, it is one of the most beautiful places in Dutchess County and i recommend it to everyone.

Monday was a hectic day that consisted of Taking care of loose ends. We set up our web cam on the site, set up our cafe press store to help raise a little money for the project (this entire project has happened through material donations, voulenteers and self funding) and got all the artist bio's on the site for all to see and explore.

That basuically brings us up to date. there will be much more info as the week progresses, I promise.



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