Thursday, May 15, 2008


Thursday was another crazy day (and it's still going...) it started off early and on a lighter note with bobby's afro which was nice after yesterday's craziness with John at the hospital (more on that later...) But after that we went over to Beacon to get started. We had to finish building the frame pieces today and help Steve and Kevin with the pre-install hardware on the building. We put up a test banner temporarily (if you were watching the web cam all day you saw it) After that I went to Home Depot and got the rest of the wood, good times... Then it was back to Jeff's hangar to cut and drill.... Shawn Trail came by for a bit to help us out. Thanks Shawn! Then it was off to the train station to pick up Jim and Tina! hooray! tomorrow is going to be a great day. everyone do a "no rain dance" for us.


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