Thursday, December 6, 2007

getting ready for the weekend

Tuesday was a busy day. I drove down to Brooklyn to pick up work for Saturdays show and drop off art from our last show. It was a busy day that started off at 7am. I was in and out of traffic from Croton Falls all the way to brooklyn, I have no idea how people commute to the city every day in their cars....

After a one hour trip that took over 2 hours i got to Brooklyn and met up with Wayne Pate of Good shape design Wayne is a great designer / DJ / and all around good guy.

Then it was off to Mike Perry's to drop off the few pieces from "feeling it out" he didn't sell. Mike was off drawing type somewhere, But His lady, the talented Anna Wolf , let me int and I left his stuff for him and was on my way to Rad Mountain.

Rad Mountain was both a pick up and a drop off point. I was brining Garrett his work from "Feeling it out" and picking up some great Zines from Justin Fines's Zine class at Pratt. Rad Mountain is just that, Rad. In addition to being the studio of some of the best designers in NY right now, it also has a awesome screen printing studio and it is extremely clean. Thanks for the tour Justin.

After Rad Mountain I drove over to the train station, because it was too cold to walk, and as luck would have it I found a parking spot right in front of the union R stop.

I made a quick trip to Canal plastics on Canal street to pick up a few things for the show and for the studio. a trip that always takes longer than you think....

Back in Brooklyn I got in the car and headed over to Dan Funderburg's studio / house / library / observatory to pick up some prints and some old screens for a special project...

After a slice and a square and a tour of the local nail salons i got back in the car to head over to Jackson Heights to drop off one of Michael Perry's pieces to Amy Stein and her husband Jon, Amy is an amazing photographer and a super nice person, check her out.

After Amy's i headed on down to Skewville in LIC. Ad met me at the door with a blindfold and escorted me down a few flights of stairs through a few doors and finally into the skewville labs. As the pipefitters next door tapped away at their practice pipes, Ad showed me around their expansive studio, in a word, Skewville is awesome, it is wall to wall, floor to floor filled with so much awesome "stuff". everywhere you look is something you wish you had or wonder where they got it.... I took a bunch of pictures with the promise that I not show any of the photos, so all you get is a pict of Ad touching up one of their pieces for the show.

After a long day i finally got back on the road at about 8pm and rolled into Beacon at about 9:30, just in time to take a nap on the couch and get back to work....

it's been a long week....


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