Monday, November 12, 2007

Nov 10th wrap-up

Well it was another great second Saturday here in Beacon. The weather was nice, people wandered the streets and dipped in and out of the galleries up and down main street all day, we had a great crowd for our new show "Feeling It Out". There was a steady stream of people in and out of the gallery all night, even a few dogs showed up, and the work was very well received.

All of the artist were in attendance as well as many of their friends whom made the trip from NYC earlier in the day. One of the highlights of the evening was a well executed frontflip by the infamous Dan Funderburg

By 9 o'clock everyone was ready to head out to grab some food and get ready for - NEXT STEP : the unofficial (yet judging by the attendance seems pretty official) Second Saturday After Party.

Since the first Next Step event was such a big success we were having a bit of the sophomore jitters regarding out second attempt, but we felt prepared and the buzz was good so we crossed our fingers and Beacon showed up and tore the place down! Our special guest last party, Paul Nice, had such a great time last time that he is now one of our main DJ's for the night and after El Jef(f)e got the crowed warmed up Paul threw down a marathon set that spanned the musical spectrum and had the crowd dancing untill 3am.

In addition to Paul and el Jef(f)e killing it on the musical side. we had some new additions to the live art portion of the event. On the verticle board the extremely talent Riissa threw down alongside her man TC and OPEN SPACE's own Dan Weise. the piece came out great and will be on display in the window at Beacon Art Supply throught the month of November.

At the round table were the 4 artist (and a few friends) currently on display at OPEN SPACE. Mike, Garrett, Andy and Alex all sat, drank beer and worked on collaborative drawings all night. You can check out the final results at OPEN SPACE.

All in all our third Second Saturday in Beacon was a big success and we look forward to many more, check out some more picts from NEXT STEP.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey your party looks like fun. Next time check out the artist party at Max's on Main!!!!! 2nd Sat isn't just on your end of town.

November 12, 2007 at 5:49 PM  

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