Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Limited Run - the print and zine show

Well, December is almost here and that means another new show here at OPEN SPACE. Our next show is Limited Run - the print and zines show. It will feature artists and designers from around the world who make outstanding limited run prints and zines. We have been getting packages every day filled with awesome work and we can't wait to get it on the walls. This show opens on the 8th of December and will be up for 2 months closing on February the 2nd. For anyone interested in unique holiday gifts, this is the show for you, as we will have 2 extra of each print on display so you can go home with the piece when you buy it ( while supplies of each piece last)

The list of artist is growing by the day but so far the following artists are involved:

Alex Purdy
Andy Rementer
angelique Houtkamp
cody hudson
Dan Funderburgh
Evan Hecox
Jim Darling
Justin Fines
Kate Bingaman-Burt
Lesley Reppeteaux
luke Ramsey
port2port press
Rick Griffith
SHERBERT magazine
Slow Shirts
Tilly Bloom
Wayne Pate of Good Shape Design
wing ngan of ink shop
caroline hwang
travis millard of fudge factory comics
michael de feo
the artists guide
jason thielke
mark price

The opening reception is on December 8th from 6 to 9pm. see you there!


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