Monday, September 21, 2009

Dan Weise of thundercut @ OPEN SPACE wrapup

Well this post is a little overdue, but what are you gonna do...
The opening of Dan's show was great! So many great people came out to check out the work and everyone that came through enjoyed the treats provided by Dan's awesome mom and our friends Dallas and Rose. Stephen Dickens took care of the music at the opening and played a great set that had some people peeking at his record selection to see where the magic was coming from. Also, some of Dan's best friends, Jim Darling and Eugene Good came out from Dallas and Milwaukee respectively, to help Dan put the finishing touches on his show and show their support and Bobby Collins, great friend and amazing DJ came out to show his support and rocked the after party with video and music until 3am the night of the opening. Overall we could not of asked for a better night. And the fact that Dan sold more than half of the work in the show was a big plus!

Check out the whole show and the few remaining available pieces online here:
check out some photos from the night below and see the rest on our flikr page


Anonymous michael cardus said...

i had the honor of watching this talent Dan Weise work on some of the pieces.
Danny shared with me his secrets and also took time to show me how his lines never cross (which i found interesting)
great photos - and it is always fun seeing your mom.

September 23, 2009 at 4:33 PM  

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